Waterfall on Mount Rainier

Waterfall on Mount Rainier

Yesterday I did a day trip to Mount Rainier now that I’m finally more or less settled in to my new home in Washington State with the intention of focusing on a limited range of subjects so I didn’t get too distracted by all the new sights. I was after orchids (as usual), saprophytes (plenty of those about) and waterfalls. I found an amazing number of nearly flowering or just-flowered orchids at every single place I stopped except one, even at the snow line. Saprophytes were in regular intervals among the darkest parts of the evergreen forest. For this nature photographer with an “oddball botanical” slant, I was pretty amazed, and took far too long in studying these non-green plants who feed on fungus and tree roots rather than depend on sunlight to exist.

Waterfall on Mount Rainier

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I’ve photographed enough waterfalls over the years to know that I need to do a little better than I have in the past. Living in Florida, I didn’t have that much of an opportunity to work on this unless I made a trip up to the Appalachian Mountains, but here in the Cascades, they are everywhere. I wanted to work on better natural light and controlling it. Better texture on the rocks, and of course – creating that soft milky water by use of a long exposure.

This small waterfall is actually the top part of Christine Falls on the southern side of Mount Rainier. My intention in this shot was to pull great light out of a shadowy waterfall with natural lighting, so setting a three second exposure at f/18 with my ISO set at 125, I got more than enough light while creating motion with the water. A little dodging and burning in post got me pretty close to what I was after. Many more shots like this on the way!

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