Indira and Justin’s Wedding in Everett, Washington

November 2016 · Leighton Photography & Imaging

Thimbleberries… Hiker’s Candy!

I’m right in the middle of my busy portrait and wedding season, I thought I’d share some of the images I’ve taken from the Cascade Mountains to the Rocky Mountains of one of my favorite finds while hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest – thimbleberries! If you have a great recipe for thimbleberry uses and cooking, I’d sure


Saskatoons! One of the Best and Tastiest Wild Mountain Berries!

WARNING! ALL DELICIOUS, RIPE BERRIES WERE DEFINITELY HARMED AND EATEN AFTER PHOTOGRAPHING THESE IMAGES Saskatoons, also known as western serviceberries  are apple-like fruits (or “pomes” in botanical terms) that look very similar to salal berries and are one of my favorite foraged berries in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountains. Distantly related to apples, they taste like


Paurotis Palm: A Florida Native!

My favorite palm! The paurotis palm is a wonderfully beautiful palm that I have a personal connection to. As I was starting to build my photography business back when I was still living back home in Southwest Florida, I worked in a plant nursery and planted many hundreds of palm trees all over the Fort


Oregon’s Cannon Beach and an Incredible Sky and Sunset!

Timing is everything! This is just a quick post showing just how fast the sky can change in 14 minutes! I was at Cannon Beach in Oregon photographing one of the world’s biggest sea stacks on the most amazing coastline in the world at the perfect moment of low tide, sunset and as a storm was


Marbled Godwits in Los Angeles!

Large for a sandpiper, and of the four species of godwits in the world, marbled godwits are the biggest. This beautiful cinnamon-mottled shorebird breeds in the central North America’s Great Plains (Alberta, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota and Nebraska) and travels to the coasts to winter where it can be found foraging for insects and crustaceans along