Squirrel Treefrog

March 2014 · Leighton Photography & Imaging

Anvil & Forge

Sometimes an old photo, forgotten on a hard drive, finds its way to the light… A blacksmith’s shop complete with anvils, forge, bellows, and assorted tools. Click to enlarge                                                     


Profiles in Nature #3 – White-topped Pitcher Plant

Easily the most beautiful of North America’s native pitcher plants, the white-topped pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla), also known as the white trumpet or crimson pitcher plant, is found in the wild in the American Southeast in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina. There are reports of this plant found growing in specific locations in


Air Plants to Some, Bromeliads to Others

Growing up in Southwest Florida, air plants were just about as common to me as sea gulls. Over the years as I gradually fell into the role of a naturalist and wildlife photographer, I’ve heard, learned and picked up a lot of information about these unusual plants and their habitats. Not only are they special, they are