A Slightly Different Look at Seattle

A Slightly Different Look at Seattle

Last week I was shooting a business event at a law firm in downtown Seattle on the 34th floor near the waterfront and had periodic stretches of downtime, which I spent marveling at the absolute beauty of the busy world far below me. I decided to knock out a few shots with the portrait lens I was using and these are what I brought back. During the editing process, I was inspired by a blend of styles from 1940’s-era newspaper photographs and some other outdated film-development looks and decided to go for the old iron toner (gives a slight blueish tint to the final black & white image). To me, the effect seems to make the frenetic activity in the scenes stop and gives the images an almost ghostly, serene and silent quality. What do you think? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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MV Tacoma

The Ferry, “MV Tacoma”

Seattle's Great Wheel

Seattle’s Great Wheel

The Puget Sound

The Puget Sound

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

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Rich Leighton
September 18, 2017

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