I’m not normally in the habit of plugging books, photography or writing from others, but in this case I am going to make an exception. In the way of Florida field guides, one topic has been sorely lacking – mammals.

Last winter, I was contacted by Adventure Publications, Inc. who wanted to purchase rights to one of my white fox squirrel images for printing in a new book they were involved with. Last week I received my copy and much to my surprise it was by an author that I am familiar with – Stan Tekiela. His Butterflies of Florida book has been my prime butterfly identification field guide for years, and I now I am very pleased to have one of my images included in his brand new book, Mammals of Florida.

.Mammals of Florida

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This book provides a wealth of knowledge (300+ color pages) of both information and clear photos for use in identifying mammals found in and around the Sunshine State. I’ve been struggling to fill my own mammal photo galleries for years on FloridaNaturePhotography.com and know what a challenge it is to get most of them on camera. I would highly recommend this book to any nature enthusiast who spends a lot of time in the Florida outdoors – I know my copy will be in my camera bag from now on!


white fox squirrel

White Fox Squirrel

Here is my image that is included in the book – a leucistic fox squirrel. The fur is actually white, not colorless which is why many of these playful rodents are mistakenly labeled as albino.