A few hours ago, we just got our power restored after 58 hours of non-preparedness and freezing in our home. Being relatively still new to Washington from Florida, we were absolutely not prepared for an extended power outage, which was cause by a massive Ice storm that left over 400,000 people without power in the Seattle area. On the second night of darkness, I got cabin fever and had to go out for a walk, and I brought my camera, tripod, a fast lens (70-200mm f2.8), and one of my Nikons. I wanted to try something completely different from my normal work.

These ice sculptures caused by the freezing rain were spectacular! I had to take some very long exposures to pull enough light into the camera for these images….. click on each for a larger image.





I realize these are very different from the photography normally displayed here, but I’d love some input and your thoughts on these. Like it? Not Really? Meh?

Rich Leighton
January 21, 2012