This past weekend I had the most wonderful opportunity to not only attend but to photograph the 2011 Natural Bridge Battlefield Civil War Reenactment in Woodville, Florida. Being a two-day event, I had plenty of time to walk around and get a chance to talk to a lot of the re-enactors and participants, and to make a bunch of portraits. It was a blast! There was a camp where the meals were cooked and the tents were pitched, and it brought about many fond Army memories from my own past. The second day was the actual battle, and being positioned in a prime location (with the help of some very helpful and accommodating state park staff) I was able to get almost onto the battlefield. In fact – I had so much dirt and  grass in my hair and on my gear from the shoot that I felt like I was part of one of the platoons!

~ click on any image to go to the main web gallery which contains all 281 images ~

~ click on any image to go to the main web gallery which contains all 281 images ~


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Rich Leighton
March 9, 2011


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