Indira and Justin’s Wedding in Everett, Washington

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In Pursuit! In the Studio Photographing a Local Artist’s Wooden Model Ship Masterpiece in Miniature!

Last week I had my second shoot in as many years with the a local master model ship builder who first hired me for the second time after apparently having a terrible experience with his previous photographer. As I build a rapport with someone after hours and hours of discussion, emails, texts and phone calls on how


Portraits in the Florida Wilderness

Today’s post is just a set of wildlife portraits taken in the Florida wilderness. Click on any image to find out more information or to enlarge. Fakahatchee Barred Owl An adult barred owl watches from the hardwoods at the northern end of the Fakahatchee Strand early in the morning in Southwest Florida near Golden Gate.


When Wild Animals Make People a Natural Resource

A few days ago I was driving eastward across the state of Washington across the barren sagebrush desert with my family when one of my boys needed to use the restroom. We stopped just east of Ellensburg at the Ryegrass Safety Rest Area in Kittitas County, and as usual… I started poking around the rocks and sages for


Mushrooms and Pikas and Bears – Oh My!

Last weekend I was on a more relaxed nature photography trip than my usual frenzied “cover as many miles as possible on no sleep” routine and brought a friend along with me for some camping and hiking. The first day way spent above Lake Mowich near Spray Falls area and up in the Spray Park area in


Forest F’owl! A Barred Owl in the Cascade Foothills

Yesterday I was spending a nice family day/Memorial Day with my wife and kids and we went for a late afternoon/early evening hike through the old-growth forest around Deep Lake in Nolte State Park which is about 40 miles southeast from Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Oftentimes when it’s a family day I