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Second-Last Outdoor Portrait Session of the Year

Wrapping up 2016!  After the Christmas parties, events, portraits, corporate fundraisers, more parties and other events I’ve been working daily for the past couple of months, I did schedule some time to do some smaller family outdoor portrait sessions with attendees of the corporate jobs I met along the way as the end-of-year party season ramped


The Bigger Picture – Panoramic Landscapes

While definitely not a new technology, panoramic photography has been with us since the mid-nineteenth century. What is new however, is the ability to digitally stitch multiple images together to create a much larger, super-wide image that exceeds the abilities of a typical camera lens. A panoramic photograph is typically the equivalent or larger than the view


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus

Really quick late-night post for right now. Went on a Valentine’s Day family hike today on Rattlesnake Mountain just east of Seattle, Washington where I found quite a number of very interesting lichens and some Mycena citrinomarginata mushrooms.  Since I’ve just edited these two images, and am about to head to Oregon at first light to photograph the