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Mountain Death Camas – Beautiful and Deadly

Following up on yesterday’s post in the Halloween theme, today’s post of another “spooky” bit of wildlife and nature – the mountain death camas. Over the summer I found myself in the Rocky Mountains looking for native orchids at around 8000-9000 feet, just below the alpine, treeless elevation and found myself in a botanical hotspot. So many


Anhinga! One of America’s Most Overlooked Birds

The anhinga is one of the most strange, beautiful and ancient birds of The Gulf Coast region of the Southeastern United States. When North America was split in half roughly 100 to 40 million years ago by a great inland sea called the Western Interior Seaway ( <— interesting maps and stuff – check out the link!) it was


The Prairie Falcon in Flight!

I’m adding this set of photos a few months after I made them in California because I just wasn’t positively sure what exactly species I was looking at until a very experienced birder friend of mine on Facebook pointed out all the reasons that this is a prairie falcon. I hadn’t even heard of this species until


Springtime Chocolate Lilies on the Olympic Peninsula!

Besides wild orchids, wild lilies are a favorite of mine when tromping across the country in extremely rural to even semi-urban places. Recently I was in the Olympic National Forest near the shore of Lake Cushman near Hoodsport, WA scoping out new areas to photograph when I found a couple of chocolate lilies that had already


Surf Scoters – My Favorite Pacific Sea Duck!

Very recently I was taking a “day off” (inside joke for those who know me personally – I work in some capacity nearly every day of the year) on a scouting trip for future photography trips in the Olympic National Forest. Near the Skokomish Indian Reservation, I stopped at the southern end of the Hood Canal looking


Black-necked Stilts

Quick post for today. I’ve been sitting on this photo of a trio of black-necked stilts for a while because I saw something in it, but it just didn’t look right. Then I had one of those “a-ha!” moments and cropped it from a horizontal “landscape” orientation to a vertical “portrait” position. Much better. ~