Oregon’s Stella Orangetip Butterfly

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Most Beautiful of all American Butterflies: Gossamer-wings! (25 Photos)

The gossamer-winged butterflies – sometimes called gossamer-wings – are in the family known as Lycaenidae, are a large group of butterflies found all over the world (over 5000 species), and they also happen to be some of the smallest of butterflies. Most of them share characteristics such as rear-facing eyespots on the back of the wings wings – presumably


Those Maddening yet Delicately Beautiful Butterflies – The Gossamer-wings!

One of the most maddening and frustrating things I can to do as a working nature photographer is hunt down a group of highly excitable tiny butterflies known collectively as gossamer-wings, and get them on camera. This delicate and very beautiful butterfly family (Lycaenidae) has about 4700 – 5000+ species which are found all over the world and in


Swallowtail Butterflies of the American Southeast

Today I’m going to do a short and sweet post with a lot of photos highlighting three of the most beautiful swallowtail butterflies of the genus Papilio found deep in the hot, humid American Southeast during summertime. The three species are the eastern tiger swallowtail, the Palamedes swallowtail, and the aptly named giant swallowtail. Click any image