Seeing the Light

2009 · Leighton Photography & Imaging

The Winter Wonderland of Florida’s North Gulf Coast

One of the most amazing places for winter nature photography in Florida that I know of is along the northern edge of the Gulf of Mexico where there are no condos, no restaurants, and more importantly there are no people. This wondrous place is the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. It is a seemingly endless


Gulf Coast Hidden Secret – Mashes Sands

Once again we find ourselves in hurricane season on the Gulf Coast – and luckily its been quiet – so far. One thing I’ve always been fond of during this time of year is the fantastic cloudscapes at the beach in the evenings. Generally we will have clear skies during the day, and as late


As Tasty as a Bee

Yesterday (Sept. 7) I was down in Central Florida doing some butterfly and wildflower photography in and around the Withlacoochee State Forest and was lucky enough to get one of those jaw-dropping shots that a wildlife photographer gets once in a blue moon. I was sitting cross-legged in a field of wildflowers photographing swallowtail butterflies


Rusted and Busted

Yesterday (8/2/2009) I went off to explore rural North Florida in search of interesting subjects to photograph. When you are out in the country, you never quite know what you will find. Within an hour, I watched fanboats patrolling on the Wacissa River, witnessed a baptism in a natural spring, watched a baby alligator snapping