Interesting Nature Facts #49 – Pine Lily

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Death Camas – America’s Most Poisonous Native Lily

Quick post for today. As I was going through our lily gallery images while getting things ready for our new upcoming North American Nature Photography website relaunch, I found four images of the really cool meadow death camas from last spring that I shot, edited and somehow never uploaded to our website. Lost and forgotten


Chocolate Lily!

One of my very favorite groups of wildflowers to find in the wild belong to the lily family: Liliaceae. These include tiger lillies, camas, trilliums, and mariposas. A few days ago while hunting wild orchids on Fidalgo Island near Anacortes, Washington I found my very first chocolate lilies! The brown and yellowish droopy flowers were difficult to


The Native North American Amaryllis – A Delicate Beauty!

There is a brand new section in the Wildflowers Galleries today, and it is all about the close relative of the lily; the amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) of our North American native wildflowers. Because of their close genetic relations with the lily family (Liliaceae), they often have the word “lily” in their common names. The following images of native species of amaryllis I’ve photographed around