The Wildlife and Nature of Washington

The Wildlife and Nature of Washington

I’ve passed the nine-month mark as a Washington resident, and I thought it was time for me to plant my flag and give myself the hesitant yet inevitable title as a Washington nature photographer. Seems so strange after all those years of being known as “that crazy Floridian guy wading out all alone in the Everglades with all those huge alligators and no boat!” – but I’m riveted. I’m entranced. Mesmerized. The Pacific Northwest has got me hook, line and sinker, and I’m not going anywhere. While at this point Washington doesn’t feel like home yet, but I certainly don’t feel like a stranger anymore. There is a primal and raw quality to the nature and wilderness of this state that makes me feel like I belong here, and if it takes me the rest of my life to understand it, so be it.

I’ve been out shooting a lot recently in the mountains, forests, estuaries and coastlines, and my one image/one post approach isn’t really working out when I’m getting a lot of final images that are making the cut, and besides it has been getting a bit monotonous.  I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and instead post a video slideshow with fifteen of my new images at once. While a video doesn’t give much of a description of what I am showing you like I usually do, I’ve decided to put thumbnail images below. Just find the image that interests you and click on it to see both the image enlarged and my description and /or thoughts about making the image.

With all these new images that are building up to equal the scope and volume of the galleries of our original Florida Nature Photography website – we’ve quietly rolled out and released our North American Nature Photography Website. If you like what we’ve been doing all these years so far – please help us spread the word and share this blog, post, or link to the new website:

North American Nature Photography

I really hope you enjoy the new images, and as the weather continues to get warmer and the animals get more active and the trees and flowers bloom in wild and colorful profusion, I’ll be out getting many more wildlife and other nature shots as spring progresses into summer. Everyday brings another mystery, wonder, and feeling of awe as I learn to feel that sense of place that will (I hope) one day be the place I call home.

Rich Leighton
April 18, 2011

 Many thanks once again to our friend, Elizabeth Anne Middleton of Pianorama for lending her music and magic to our image slideshow. Help me return the favor by checking her out HERE. I know many of my readers/followers work in creative fields and we all know how hard it is to find non-synth music for our projects. 


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Pro photographer, writer, master naturalist, Florida native in the PNW, lucky husband, father of two boys, big hockey and soccer fan, and native orchid hunter.

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  • Mxamy

    Since moving from Florida you have caught on and shown the essence of the Pacific North West beautifully,

  • RichLeighton

    Thank you! I’ve got so many more photos that need to get edited, but I’ll be posting them just as fast as I can. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

  • Elizabeth Anne Middleton

    Beautiful photography, and, if I do say so myself, beautiful music!   I’m so glad you are enjoying your new life in the Pacific Northwest and I look forward to seeing your work unfold in this new setting.  

  • Cindy

    Glad you are settling in Rich..quite a change of venue, a whole new ecosytem to explore..Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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