The REAL Snowbirds!!!!!

The REAL Snowbirds!!!!!

As Spring has already sprung – I’m going to hurry up and get my winter seabirds of Northeast Florida photos from the past couple of months out to you. We are making some additions to the website tonight, and as a break – I’m going to do a simple and quick blog. Being from Southwest Florida, there were a few gulls that were new to me, so it was nice to see something completely new to myself, and a nice break from the usual places I visit for my photography. These images were from Fernandina Beach and Anastasia Island. OK – Bring on the pictures!
A pair of Royal Terns making some noise on a cold winter day on Fernandina Beach.

“I Just Gotta Be Me!!!” Laughing Gull in winter plumage.

A large Herring Gull with a group of Forster’s Terns – all in winter plumage on Fernandina Beach.

A Forster’s Tern in winter plumage on Fernandina Beach. This tern has very distinctive long tail feathers.

One of the smallest American gulls – this little Bonaparte’s Gull (yes, that is its real name) was showing off its winter plumage on Anastasia Island, near St. Augustine.
The improbable-looking Black Skimmer – the unique bill is used for catching its food while skimming the water’s surface with an open beak – in flight! The moment a fish, shrimp, squid, etc. touches the beak, it snaps shut.



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