The Forgotten Coast “Revisited”

The Forgotten Coast “Revisited”

I wanted to do a little follow-up from my last article on “The Forgotten Coast” that was posted last week. I got such a fantastic and hearty response, that I wanted to reply with this quick post for several reasons.Firstly, a big thank you to all the comments, new followers, Twitter “retweets” and the mass of messages received on Facebook, Twitter, etc., especially from those who live in that particular area of the Florida Panhandle. Very much appreciated, and I’m happy that so many of you found the map useful. I will now be using a custom map for all of my larger location-based blogs and posts.
“Timeless Florida Coast”~ click to enlarge photo ~
Secondly, the day after the aforementioned post went live, I was still editing photos from that day and this one came out of the day’s efforts that I thought conveyed the feeling and sense of timelessness that I felt while shooting the sunset beach scenes on Cape San Blas. The use of a “warm” black & white image seemed to hit the bulls-eye in what I was trying to achieve. I called it “Timeless Florida Coast.” Had I waited another day to post, it would have been included.
And lastly, a quick announcement that there are seven new galleries that have just been added to Florida Nature Photography, which will fix some problems I had with my categories – particularly in “Birds”, and the addition of “Black & White” in the landscapes galleries. In closing, Galina and I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year, and may this year be the best one yet!

Rich Leighton
January 10, 2010


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