Terra Ceia Preserve

Terra Ceia Preserve

Wow! What a busy month! One of the reasons I switched this blog over to WordPress was the ability to post more blogs in less time,  but all I’ve managed to do was give myself more free time to take on more projects! That said, here’s a little something from this past weekend.

On returning from shooting a wedding in Port Charlotte, Florida I decided to take a route away from the I-75 in hopes of finding some new places to visit and photograph. This is usually one of the best ways for me to find new material – get off the beaten path, and go places I’ve never been to. As I was passing Bradenton and Palmetto on my way to Tampa, I noticed Terra Ceia on my iPhone’s GPS. I had a couple of hours to kill until my next shoot, so I decided to stop by and check it out. I vaguely remembered the name Terra Ceia from growing up in Bradenton as a kid, but I was sure I’d never been there.

Wetlands of Terra Ceia Preserve

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While difficult to see most of this out-of-the-way preserve without a boat, I was able to find a place to park the car and work my way into the wilderness enough to get this landscape photograph highlighting some of the botanical biodiversity in the region. Several kinds of oak trees, swamp lilies, a variety of ferns and the ever-present cabbage palms show a wild and unspoiled wetland so rarely found along the Peninsular Gulf Coast. Unfortunately my visit was cut short by a thunderstorm, but I was happy enough to find a new place of beauty and will definitely be back for further exploration!

Rich Leighton

July 30, 2010

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