Desert Canyon Summer Wildflowers with an Unexpected Waterfall

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A Quiet Winter Wilderness in Washington State

I recently took off for a few days out in the wide, wild  wilderness between the Cascade Mountains and Rocky Mountains…. here’s a sample of what I brought home. Click any image to enlarge. Silent Forest in Winter A gorgeous winter day on Mount Spokane in Eastern Washington in late January. The forest is quiet, the


The Night is Alive at Midnight in the Yakima River Canyon (Notes from the Field #3)

Yakima River Canyon, Washington June 1, 2014,  11pm I arrived later than planned this late afternoon to Cowiche Canyon, where the trip was half spur of the moment/half delayed because of a nasty headache. Not too much exciting happened except I saw my first badger when I wasn’t ready, and after a short staring contest I reached