Under the Midnight Sun

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Palouse Falls – Waterfall in the Desert

It’s funny, because I know I’m not the only nature photographer who travels around the country with this problem. The light is perfect, and I’m only five minutes away! Driving like an idiot a couple of weeks ago with my wife and two young children strapped-in in the backseat, I was hauling ass down the unpaved


Mushrooms and Pikas and Bears – Oh My!

Last weekend I was on a more relaxed nature photography trip than my usual frenzied “cover as many miles as possible on no sleep” routine and brought a friend along with me for some camping and hiking. The first day way spent above Lake Mowich near Spray Falls area and up in the Spray Park area in


Rugged Beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast

It’s been a whole month since I last did a post, and as I just expressed in my August 2014 monthly newsletter I just sent out today (you should subscribe!) I’ve been in my typical month-long hiatus that occurs every four years when the World Cup happens. Then I had family in town…… In a nutshell


The Pacific Northwest’s Humble & Edible Salmonberry – Including Recipes!

Today’s post is brought to you by my stomach. Since I moved to the Pacific Northwest three years ago, I’ve sorely missed my well-developed knowledge and skills of natural foraging any time I was out in the woods or Everglades of my native Florida. In the past three years, I’ve learned quite a bit (and it is


The Night is Alive at Midnight in the Yakima River Canyon (Notes from the Field #3)

Yakima River Canyon, Washington June 1, 2014,  11pm I arrived later than planned this late afternoon to Cowiche Canyon, where the trip was half spur of the moment/half delayed because of a nasty headache. Not too much exciting happened except I saw my first badger when I wasn’t ready, and after a short staring contest I reached


New Monthly Feature for 2014: Interesting Nature Facts from a Master Naturalist

Interesting Nature Facts – It’s a brand new section on the website that I will be actively growing and rotating on a regular basis. As I near graduation in my Master Naturalist training and certification, the sheer amount of new information about the nature and wildlife I photograph and see every day and thought I already knew is getting backed