Racing Skink Stripes and a Blue Tail

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Three Species of Florida Native Turtles!

The sign of any healthy body of water is the presence of turtles. Of the 327 species alive today, 60+ of those are found living in the wild in the United States. The fossil record shows that turtles are at least 157 million years old in what we would recognize today as a turtle, which


New Mexico’s Round-tail Horned Lizard

The round-tail horned lizard (Phrynosoma modestum) is a member the lizard family Phrynosomatidae, also known as the spiny desert lizards. Horned lizards also happen to be one of the most curious and interesting of the American Southwest desert spiny lizards, which are often called horned toads, horny toad, etc. (no relation to toads). They have


Strike a Pose! It’s a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake!!!

Last week I was doing a swing through Central Washington and I finally saw, caught and released my first West Coast rattlesnake. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long already. Oddly enough I had my main portrait lens on my camera when I spotted it, and it was rattling its tail and definitely wanted a piece