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Trio of Trilliums!

A springtime favorite, this trio of western trilliums (Trillium ovatum) was found just yesterday growing next to Lewis Creek in Bellevue, Washington – just south of Cougar Mountain. Like many wildflowers and forbs of moist, damp forests in the Pacific Northwest, these trilliums depend on ants for pollination. Trio of Trilliums! (click to enlarge)  See


Indian Paintbrush – Botany’s Most Beautiful Opportunist

I find that the more I travel around the Western United States in search of rare native wildflowers and orchids, the more my curiosity and fondness grows for members of the genus Castilleja. Commonly known as Indian paintbrushes, these beautiful and variable semi-parasitic plants belong to the broomrape family and were named by Spanish botanist Jose Celestino Mutis to honor his fellow countryman


Cape Flattery

The rocky coastline of Cape Flattery is located at the most extreme northwestern corner of the contiguous United States on the Olympic Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean joins the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Millennia of pounding waves, tides and erosion have sculpted the landscape into something from a fairytale. Click on any image below


Profiles in Nature #2 – Wood Stork

Welcome to the second article of my new series, “Profiles in Nature”.  Thank you so much to everybody for the overwhelming response I received on the first post, I wracked my brain to make sure I followed up with an even better offering and I think I’ve done so with a creature so prehistoric-looking and unusual, with


Orchid Hunting in the Florida Everglades

Orchids. Just the very word brings to mind a vision of exotic color, delightful texture and fantastic shapes, and the scent of consummate and delicious fragrances. Often it evokes feelings of peaceful reflection, caring, and a love for nature’s most wondrous flowers. Orchids are often thought about in the most serene, zen-like way – absolute