Interesting Nature Facts #3 – The Ghost Orchid

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Native Orchids of Colorado: Yellow Coralroot (Corallorhiza trifida)

Last month I made a quick trip down to New Mexico and Colorado for a photography business trip and as I was coming over Independence Pass to the east of Aspen, I started spotting a lot of orchids on the side of the road. Because I had a free day or traveling set aside for nature photography, I


Desert Wild Native Orchids!

Imagine my surprise a few days ago as I was wandering through the dry, hot sagebrush desert of Central Washington State in rural northern Grant County flipping rocks in search or scorpions, spiders and reptiles to photograph when at the edge of a series of lakes there appeared thousands upon thousands of blooming desert wild native


A Forest of Native Orchids!

Last weekend I took some time off for camping, hiking and some much-needed R&R with my family in the Wenatchee National Forest in the mountains near Roslyn, Washington. While I wasn’t looking for things to photograph (I was on a mini-vacation after all – which in most professions means no work) I brought along one