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The Florida Sandhill Crane – Sentinel of the Okaloacoochee Slough *Updated*

When people think of Southern Florida, they rarely think of lonely mile after mile of endless cow fields and citrus groves, or the acres upon acres of sugarcane that would resemble the enormous cornfields found in the Midwest if it weren’t for the sweltering heat. Most of the land here is used for agriculture, but


Ohanapecosh River on Mount Rainier

One of the perks of being a nature photographer is getting to see so much intense wild beauty that most people regrettably will never see except on television or online. Over the years I’ve enjoyed so many jaw-dropping views, experienced incredible (and often unbelievable without proof on camera) sights, and witnessed countless incredible experiences that


Florida Native Orchid: Green Adder’s-Mouth

The green adder’s-mouth orchid (Malaxis unifolia) is one of those species that does and will continue to elude the best of the orchid hunters. Not only is it quite rare across the state of Florida, but it is one of the most easily overlooked. Found primarily in North & Central Florida (but by no means limited to just


A Moment in the Great Smoky Mountains

One thing that is usually true for every holiday is certain places are always bound to be devoid of people. There is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for the sun to reach a certain point over an incredible landscape just until that magic moment, some tourist walks out and completely ruins the moment when the shutter is being squeezed.