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A Cascade Mountains Beauty – Red Columbine

This will be a quick post, but as I’m finally caught up with nearly all the new website and photo gallery updates, I’m finally beginning to stop looking backward and making that great leap to “What’s next?” and looking forward to seeing and doing new things.  I’ve had a few really good outings in my


Florida Native Orchid: Green Adder’s-Mouth

The green adder’s-mouth orchid (Malaxis unifolia) is one of those species that does and will continue to elude the best of the orchid hunters. Not only is it quite rare across the state of Florida, but it is one of the most easily overlooked. Found primarily in North & Central Florida (but by no means limited to just


The American Lotus + A Trick for Better Nature Photography

One of my favorite things about quick, sudden trips is going light - meaning one lens, one camera, no other gear. It forces me to see things a certain way, and often instead of suddenly wishing I had that wide angle or prime lens that I left at home instead, I am forced to see a potential shot in a new way, confined by my self-imposed restrictions. Many of my best-selling and creative images have come from this forced limitation.


The Coral Bean – A Pernicious Perennial

The coral bean (Erythrina herbacea), also known as the Cherokee bean or the red cardinal, is a common springtime bloomer found all over the state of Florida. I’ve seen them in dense woodlands, sandy pine scrubs, and growing in hardwood hammocks at the edges of swamps. From the Everglades to the Georgia border, these brilliantly