Interesting Nature Facts #7 – American Lotus

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Chocolate Daisy!

Recently passing through Western Texas and Southern New Mexico, I by chance ran into a fellow Master Naturalist based near Albuquerque who told me all about the chocolate daisy (Berlandiera lyrata) a member of the aster family of native North Americans wildflowers. I was thrilled to have someone to talk shop with outside and under the bright New Mexican


The Wildlife in Florida, the Sunshine State

Happy 2015! After an inexcusable absence, I’m back with some new photos! I’ve been working like a maniac lately (370+ hours in December of straight working conditions!) and trying to get all my ducks in a row to open a photography studio here in the Seattle, WA area. I just got back from a solo winter “mental


The Native North American Amaryllis – A Delicate Beauty!

There is a brand new section in the Wildflowers Galleries today, and it is all about the close relative of the lily; the amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) of our North American native wildflowers. Because of their close genetic relations with the lily family (Liliaceae), they often have the word “lily” in their common names. The following images of native species of amaryllis I’ve photographed around


Grizzlybear Prickly Pear – Washington’s Desert Beauty

Recently I made yet another foray into the deserts of my increasingly favorite area of the Pacific Northwest, the Oak Creek Wildlife Area in Yakima County, Washington. As I’ve stated in other posts across the years, I am a big fan of cacti – and especially when they are in bloom. What I never would have


Trio of Trilliums!

A springtime favorite, this trio of western trilliums (Trillium ovatum) was found just yesterday growing next to Lewis Creek in Bellevue, Washington – just south of Cougar Mountain. Like many wildflowers and forbs of moist, damp forests in the Pacific Northwest, these trilliums depend on ants for pollination. Trio of Trilliums! (click to enlarge)  See


Huge Update! All New North American Native Wildflower Galleries

Over the past decade, the amount of native North American native wildflowers in our ever-growing photo galleries has reached the point to where we can’t reasonably split and categorize them just by color. It started to look disorganized, confusing, and more than a little sloppy. It was time to reorganize the whole gallery collection and