Interesting Nature Facts #3 – The Ghost Orchid

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Ghost Orchid Photographed from an Unusual Angle

Ten years ago I spotted my first wild ghost orchid in the Fakahatchee Strand of Southwest Florida after literally years of exhaustively searching the wetlands and wading through enormous tracts of swamp following a grid pattern on a worn-out, folded-up survey map. Over the following years, I’ve accumulated quite a large number of images of


American Caesar’s Mushroom

Sometimes I find a beautiful specimen in nature that I simply just can’t identify. Tonight I finally identified a beautiful red mushroom I photographed five years ago in Fakahatchee Strand of Southwest Florida’s Western Everglades. I knew immediately it was an Amanita, but which one? I had no idea. I have a bookshelf of field


Zen and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance – Tools of the Trade for Serious Nature Photography

Recently I made a trip down to South Florida to one of the best places to see the real Everglades: the Shark River Valley. This is essentially the living and beating heart of the Everglades, and is only accessible by airboat, touristy tram ride, on bicycle on the same tram road, or on foot. I