Interesting Nature Facts #107 – Organ Pipe Cactus

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Interesting Nature Facts #41 – Chihuahuan Raven

Chihuahuan Raven! Welcome to the next installment of a new series of nature photos that will be short & sweet, and all about the native and naturalized wildlife that is all around us with just one or two interesting nature facts that you might not know about. If you want to find out even more,


Diablo Mountains, Arizona – Ancient America

After a sudden burst of inspiration followed by a rather long spell of very interesting projects that barely touched in the realm of my photography mainstay, I’m back with a new project that embraces a new set of principles I’ve been incorporating into my life – chiefly minimalism. I wanted to present a new series of images


Grizzlybear Prickly Pear – Washington’s Desert Beauty

Recently I made yet another foray into the deserts of my increasingly favorite area of the Pacific Northwest, the Oak Creek Wildlife Area in Yakima County, Washington. As I’ve stated in other posts across the years, I am a big fan of cacti – and especially when they are in bloom. What I never would have