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Swallowtail Butterflies of the American Southeast

Today I’m going to do a short and sweet post with a lot of photos highlighting three of the most beautiful swallowtail butterflies of the genus Papilio found deep in the hot, humid American Southeast during summertime. The three species are the eastern tiger swallowtail, the Palamedes swallowtail, and the aptly named giant swallowtail. Click any image


Forest F’owl! A Barred Owl in the Cascade Foothills

Yesterday I was spending a nice family day/Memorial Day with my wife and kids and we went for a late afternoon/early evening hike through the old-growth forest around Deep Lake in Nolte State Park which is about 40 miles southeast from Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Oftentimes when it’s a family day I


New Monthly Feature for 2014: Interesting Nature Facts from a Master Naturalist

Interesting Nature Facts – It’s a brand new section on the website that I will be actively growing and rotating on a regular basis. As I near graduation in my Master Naturalist training and certification, the sheer amount of new information about the nature and wildlife I photograph and see every day and thought I already knew is getting backed