Something Special for Christmas!

Something Special for Christmas!

I rarely (if ever) do these kinds of posts here, but this time this is for something special, and there’s a first time for everything…

I’ll skip the cheesy sales pitch (I don’t like them either and they make me feel dirty, irritated and bitter inside) and tell you what I have to say:

With my new gallery system in place I can and will offer you a 25% off coupon to save on fine art prints, canvas prints, and a ton of other stuff directly from me, so I don’t have to mark up anything and the order will be in the mail within a couple of days, tops!


Why order a print? Because it is art, timeless, and when hanging on the wall will always be a part of your home, office, etc. and won’t get stuffed in a closet or drawer. Want someone to remember you fondly? Let them see and walk past a reminder of that gift everyday! Want to make sure they will always remember what you bought them for Christmas? Give them something that will bring beauty and interest to that bare spot on the wall! Check out the full gallery list here.

List of some of the galleries to choose from:

 (click on name to visit)

North American Landscapes

Animals & Wildlife

 Wild Orchids 


Lots More!


or just do a search for something by keyword!


At checkout, all you have to do is add the coupon code XMAS2011 and a 25% discount will added to then entire order. Super-easy!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season from The Leighton Family!

Owen, Liam, Galina, & Rich
December 9, 2011



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