A Slice of Heaven

A Slice of Heaven

This week I’m mostly trying to catch up on years of unedited images that have been waiting to see the light of day. Today it’s been a lot of new wildflowers, the odd bird or other animal that’s been in my “unknown species/identify later” folder because I usually had no idea where to start looking if it wasn’t something common or already known to me. As I was browsing my backlog, I came across a few images from South Carolina that brought back some memories, as well as a bit of surprise I hadn’t done anything with them yet. Better late than never… here they are!

Middle Saluda River, South Carolina

Middle Saluda River, South Carolina

A gorgeous green spring afternoon on the Middle Saluda River was the perfect place for me to take my shoes off, get my feet wet and set up my tripod for this shot. After a bit of searching, I found this heavenly spot that was clear of the teeming flyfishermen. Very few places in North America are as beautiful as this part of South Carolina in the springtime!


American Bullfrog

A female American bullfrog cools off in a pool of water on the edge of the Middle Saluda River just outside of Cleveland, South Carolina on a hot spring day.

Short post, I know… but I wanted to share these two new images with you  now. They’ve been rotting on a hard drive for too long as it is. To enlarge or find out more information about them – just click on the photo!

Rich Leighton
January 21, 2014


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