Ring-Necked Ducks on Oregon’s Mount Hood

Ring-Necked Ducks on Oregon’s Mount Hood

I found this breeding pair of ring-necked ducks on Trillium Lake last summer on a very cold, rainy summer morning on Oregon’s Mount Hood, 50 miles (80km) east of Portland. It was one of those typical Pacific Northwestern days and as I was about to give up on the rain relenting, just when these beauties swam into view. Click on either image to enlarge.

Male Ring-Necked Duck

A male ring-necked duck in breeding plumage surfaces for a moment while feeding just south of Mount Hood’s peak in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

Female Ring-Necked Duck

A female ring-necked duck swims on Oregon’s Lake Trillium during a rainstorm on a chilly sub-alpine, rainy summer day.

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Rich Leighton
March 20, 2014
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