Rattlesnake Mountain – Under a Great Big Sky

Rattlesnake Mountain – Under a Great Big Sky

Spring has arrived in Washington, and not a minute is wasted when the skies are clear and it’s not raining.  Since yesterday was such a beautiful Easter morning and deciding to mix a workday with a family day, I took my wife and kids up to check out Rattlesnake Mountain and get some more images to be used for both gallery work and potential buyer stock. As my children are two and four years old, I wasn’t expecting to actually go to the top of the mountain ledge, but being obviously stubborn like dad – we made it up to the top with no trouble. The climb was about 1150 feet and about four miles round-trip, and the view from the top was spectacular!

 Upper Snoqualmie Valley and Cascades

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In the image shown here ever-slightly facing north of due east, are a series of mountain peaks still capped with a bit of snow: Mailbox Peak to the left with Dirtybox Peak just to the right and behind it. On the right side is Mount Washington with Cedar Butte (the large hill) in the foreground. Between the mountains is a part of the Upper Snoqualmie Valley and the South Fork Snoqualmie River.

There is abundant wildlife both on the mountain itself and around the lake below, and many botanical beauties such as huge trilliums and delicate orchids throughout the whole area. Something tells me this is going to be one of the places I visit heavily over the upcoming years, as it is only a half-hour drive from my house.

Rich Leighton
April 9, 2012

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