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Into the Blue

As a native Floridian, some of the most mysterious and interesting places I could ever think of visiting and photographing are those beautiful and scenic places in the mountains. Essentially living on a land as flat as a pancake – mountains seem like an alien terrain. Continuing from my last post, I was in the Great Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee side on


A Moment in the Great Smoky Mountains

One thing that is usually true for every holiday is certain places are always bound to be devoid of people. There is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for the sun to reach a certain point over an incredible landscape just until that magic moment, some tourist walks out and completely ruins the moment when the shutter is being squeezed.


The Golden Hour on Siesta Key – Snowy Egret

Last week I was doing my usual rounds along Florida’s Gulf Coast when late afternoon found me on South Lido Beach in the Sarasota area. Not quite tourist season, I thought it might be a good time to look for local wildlife along the surf. This snowy egret and I spent the next hour together….


Terra Ceia Preserve

While difficult to see most of this out-of-the-way preserve without a boat, I was able to find a place to park the car and work my way into the wilderness enough to get this landscape photograph highlighting some of the botanical biodiversity in the region. Several kinds of oak trees, swamp lilies, an variety of ferns and the ever-present cabbage palms show a wild and unspoiled wetland so rarely found along the Peninsular Gulf Coast.