Colorado’s East Pawnee Butte

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A Cascade Mountains Beauty – Red Columbine

This will be a quick post, but as I’m finally caught up with nearly all the new website and photo gallery updates, I’m finally beginning to stop looking backward and making that great leap to “What’s next?” and looking forward to seeing and doing new things.  I’ve had a few really good outings in my


In a Flash of Pink – Roseate Spoonbill!

Anyone who has ever tried to walk through mangroves – never mind with a backpack full of photography gear and holding a camera – knows that it is not easy. Twisted above-ground roots and protruding rhizomes make any travel slightly faster than not moving at all. Estuarine mud sucks at boots and shoes, and none of


The Most Beautiful Sunset in the Muck

Sometimes we photographers slip up and don’t find the very best spot to get our best sunset shot. Sometimes it’s a new area and location or we don’t know the lay of the land, sometimes we get distracted shooting other subjects and get so absorbed in what we are doing that we lose track of time. (READ