Looking Out from Behind the Waterfall – Oregon’s North Falls

Looking Out from Behind the Waterfall – Oregon’s North Falls

Last night I was wrapping up a quick four-day nature photography road trip in search of new images and ideas when I found myself standing behind North Falls – an insanely beautiful and violent waterfall just gushing with snowmelt just east of Salem, Oregon. Because I opted to travel light and didn’t have my usual full load of gear with me, I found myself not having nearly a wide enough angle lens to cover the whole scene. I don’t even think my ultra-wide lens would have covered it either. Luckily I had some good glass in a very fast lens, so I took four images in four quadrants paying very close attention to the exposure so all of the images would stitch together seamlessly, without any weird parts of the image being too light, dark, or with oddly alternate overall focus Luckily for me it worked perfectly and as a result I have this now available as a massively huge print that could easily go up to 20 feet wide or more without losing detail!

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North Falls

Looking Out from Behind the Waterfall

Oregon’s North Falls as viewed from within the huge cavern carved out behind the waterfall over many thousands of years. This huge waterfall and a very memorable part of North Silver Creek was formed from 15-16 million-year-old volcanic bedrock (basalt) which has been withstanding the millions of years of water and weather erosion while the surrounding sandstone (once part of the Oregon coastline) which is very slowly wearing away. As it stands now, the waterfall drops 136 and continues downstream through a series of other spectacular waterfalls. The huge cavern behind the falls reaches back about 100 feet, has a ceiling that ranges from 20 to 75 feet high and is (in my estimation) about 800-900 feet wide. Very impressive, to say the least!

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Rich Leighton
March 18, 2017

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