New Monthly Feature for 2014: Interesting Nature Facts from a Master Naturalist

New Monthly Feature for 2014: Interesting Nature Facts from a Master Naturalist

Interesting Nature Facts – It’s a brand new section on the website that I will be actively growing and rotating on a regular basis. As I near graduation in my Master Naturalist training and certification, the sheer amount of new information about the nature and wildlife I photograph and see every day and thought I already knew is getting backed up with almost more information than I can possibly absorb without massive amounts of further reading and observation of specific species in the field. The unexpected side effect is lots of interesting information that catches my attention and I write down quickly to research later. And because I am nearly always in the field, or at my desk processing these images, I decided to make this into a new section on the North American Nature Photography website that I could share with all of you.


~ click on the image below to see the most current nature facts ~


~ click on the image above to see the most current nature facts ~

If you are kind enough to take the time, please leave me a note in the comments below and let me know what you think of the new section. My wife (and web designer) Galina worked really hard on it to make it look better than I had imagined it…. and if you have a suggestion or an idea for a cool and interesting nature fact, let us know in the comments below and if I post it, I’ll mention you, and let others know how they can reach you!


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Rich Leighton
May 9, 2014
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