Sometimes a photograph speaks more than words. Photographed this young red fox on Mount Rainier a few days ago. I was completely fascinated by the golden ring of fur encircling its face, and the dark hairs around the eyes and neck plus the rich color of the evergreens behind it created perfect contrast to make this image.

Cascade Red Fox on Mount Rainier

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I’d write more but it’s such a beautiful day that it would be a crime to stay indoors. Later!

Rich Leighton
April 13, 2012

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Pro photographer, writer, master naturalist, Florida native in the PNW, lucky husband, father of two boys, big hockey and soccer fan, and native orchid hunter.

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  • Bonnie

    Absolutely beautiful!  I wish I had taken it!!

  • Misti Little

    Lucky shot! The foxes I’ve seen have been so elusive.

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