Feels Like Home…..

Feels Like Home…..

Short post for today.

Sometimes we make a couple of mistakes in making a photograph, but see so much in it that we still like that we decide to try do a little digital magic to flush out what it was that we like and cover up the mistake(s).

A trail through the palmettos and cabbage palms of Southwest Florida..... (Rich Leighton)

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That was the case with this image of a trail in Punta Gorda, Florida. I was very happy with the composition, golden hour light, and the subject, but there was too much wind for my shutterspeed, so it was too blurry and nearly got tossed. One last look prompted me to re-create this image as something a bit different than I originally planned. In hindsight – I like it much better than my original vision when setting up the shot!

 Rich Leighton
Oct. 23, 2011


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Pro photographer, writer, master naturalist, Florida native in the PNW, lucky husband, father of two boys, big hockey and soccer fan, and native orchid hunter.

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  • Anonymous

    Like what you did to it!

  • Cindy

    Hey Rich..I am all for rendering “blurry” photos “artistic”..the results are often much more pleasing and in tune with the feeling of the landscape than shrper shots. Yours is a good exampl!

  • RichLeighton

    Thank you very much!

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