Chokoloskee Mangroves

Chokoloskee Mangroves

For much of this past month, I’ve been away from home – traveling almost constantly, and loading up on all kinds of new photographs of my home state of Florida. I’ve been trying out new and different techniques, a couple new lenses, and keeping company with a number of creative photographers in various locations who have styles very different from my own. It’s been a fantastic learning experience, and is currently still ongoing – I head further west past Tallahassee for the Florida Panhandle in a few hours.

I’ve been trying to find time to write out and post one of my usual blogs, but time is an issue, so I’ve decided to post a series on “mini-blogs” with one photo each, and tell a little about it, and my thoughts on the subject.

Mangrove roots at dusk in Chokoluskee

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Mangrove roots at dusk in Chokoloskee, Florida with the Ten Thousand Islands just beyond.

Chokoloskee is an island in Southwest Florida, just south of Everglades City. It is the last stop that one can drive heading south into the Ten Thousand Islands and Florida Everglades without an airboat or canoe or kayak. A wilderness ripe with legends of pirates, shipwrecks, murderers, vast treasures, and the mysterious Calusa Indians – exactly where I would want to be at nightfall… with a couple of good photographer friends, of course!

For this shot, sunset was just past and there was enough light in the sky for some long-exposure shots. I wanted a subject that would fill the frame, and the mangroves in front of me were the obvious shot – especially as it was getting dark fast and my options were limited. I felt that using a very slow shutter speed was needed, and that I wanted to shoot in black and white – mostly to convey the “sense of place” and my own feelings as a SW Floridian who knows some of the old stories and history of the place.

Rich Leighton
April 18, 2010
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