Natural Disasters + Natural Beauty = Best Portrait Session

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Wheatgrass! Rare photo tip post for today: How you can take a relatively boring subject and make it into the kind of image that advertisers jump at to buy? Wheatgrass Snapshot I took two shots here on my porch of some wheatgrass I am growing on my porch for making smoothies about 20 minutes ago.


The Most Beautiful Sunset in the Muck

Sometimes we photographers slip up and don’t find the very best spot to get our best sunset shot. Sometimes it’s a new area and location or we don’t know the lay of the land, sometimes we get distracted shooting other subjects and get so absorbed in what we are doing that we lose track of time. (READ


The American Lotus + A Trick for Better Nature Photography

One of my favorite things about quick, sudden trips is going light - meaning one lens, one camera, no other gear. It forces me to see things a certain way, and often instead of suddenly wishing I had that wide angle or prime lens that I left at home instead, I am forced to see a potential shot in a new way, confined by my self-imposed restrictions. Many of my best-selling and creative images have come from this forced limitation.