Just in Time for Halloween! The Cat-Faced Spider!

Just in Time for Halloween! The Cat-Faced Spider!

Recently I was out on a day off from the photography studio, working on a side project that involved foraging of lots of wild apples in one of my favorite recreation places in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. While I did have a camera with me (just in case, right?) I stumbled upon this beautiful little cat-faced spider strung between a wild apple tree and a wild native rose bush.

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Cat-Faced Spider

Cat-faced Spider (Dorsal View)

The cat-faced spider is a small member of the orb weaver family that rarely exceeds a centimeter in length and is harmless to humans. There are two “horns” on the abdomen that if looked at the right way, appear to be shaped like cats’ ears with two small dimples exactly where you would expect to see the cat’s eyes. Common in the Western United Staes and Canada, these spiders breed in the summer, lay an egg sac in the fall, and the spiderlings hatch and disperse in the wind via “web parachutes” in the spring to start the life cycle all over again.

Cat-Faced Spider

Cat-faced Spider (Ventral View)

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Rich Leighton
October 30, 2017

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