As Tasty as a Bee

As Tasty as a Bee

Yesterday (Sept. 7) I was down in Central Florida doing some butterfly and wildflower photography in and around the Withlacoochee State Forest and was lucky enough to get one of those jaw-dropping shots that a wildlife photographer gets once in a blue moon.

I was sitting cross-legged in a field of wildflowers photographing swallowtail butterflies when this bee’s head caught my eye – quickly followed by what what going on. It was a green lynx spider that had just ambushed this honey bee while it was gathering pollen, and the lighting and angle was just perfect for this shot. Who knew bees had such long tongues? Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Sorry about all the “buggy” photos lately, but this one just deserved to get shared right away!

Rich Leighton
August 8, 2009


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