An Eagle’s View

An Eagle’s View

So often as is the case, I am en route to my photography location du jour which my inner nerd has neatly located, diagrammed, planned, and studied when movement out of the corner of my eye puts a snag in my orderly system. I was climbing into the Cascades Mountains when this big and beautiful bald eagle soars out from behind the trees and begins to circle above the valley I was above. Switching lenses as fast as I could, I was ready to shoot, and I was already too late. The eagle was too far away to get anything other than a snapshot.

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Another day….. no problem. I’ve already photographed many bald eagles over the years, and I’m sure I’ll photograph many more in the years ahead.

I started looking down into this valley and saw a shot, but it wasn’t quite right. Time to walk this one out and look for an angle. Hot coffee in hand, I started walking up and down the road – in and out of the trees, until I had the river at just the right angle, an opening in the trees that was just right, and by the time I returned to the spot and got my tripod and camera set up, a little bit of sunlight flickered through clouds to give me just the right amount of accent light and added contrast in the trees below me. Just that easy, just like that – click!

Rich Leighton
January 17, 2012

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