All’s Well That Ends Well…..

All’s Well That Ends Well…..

For some reason that Shakespeare title just popped into my head as I sat down in my office to write this quick post, and seemed to fit. A long and wonderfully eventful sojourn around Florida’s Big Bend area ended beautifully with a dazzling sunset over Apalachicola Bay.

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The Setting Sun over Apalachicola Bay

Sometimes it just happens this way. After a solid full day of shooting and looking for the most intriguing of wildlife and scenery while lugging my photography gear in the Florida heat, I particularly enjoy this part of the day. The moment before the sun sinks beyond the waves brings on a magical moment. It suddenly gets quiet. The wind dies down. The birds become silent and get settled for the night. A sudden hush falls over the wilderness, and then the sun slips into the sea, and the world goes to sleep.
All’s well that ends well.


Rich Leighton
May 12, 2010
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  • D.Boulanger

    Amazing photo

  • Shawn

    Great sunset photo!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful pic…one of the nicest sunsets I've seen!

  • Sharon

    Absolutely peaceful and beautiful.

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