A Cascade Mountains Beauty –  Red Columbine

A Cascade Mountains Beauty – Red Columbine

This will be a quick post, but as I’m finally caught up with nearly all the new website and photo gallery updates, I’m finally beginning to stop looking backward and making that great leap to “What’s next?” and looking forward to seeing and doing new things.  I’ve had a few really good outings in my new home in Washington, and have already stumbled by accident into a few secret “hotspots” for nature photography.

A striking red columbine flower in crisp detail found in Washington's Cascade Mountains in Stevens Pass. (Rich Leighton)

Red Columbine

At two months into living in a dramatically different environment (just moved from my home state of Florida for my new readers), I wouldn’t say I’m near to being acclimated, but I’m getting to where I’m getting comfortable – especially when out in the outdoors. I just can’t get over how beautiful everything is here! For example…. this red columbine wildflower photographed within sight of snow in late August in Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains.

Rich Leighton
September 4, 2011

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  • Andrea Dembo

    Fabulous photo, Rich! 

  • RichLeighton

    Thank you very much, Andrea! 🙂

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