Under the Midnight Sun

October 2014 · Leighton Photography & Imaging

Palouse Falls – Waterfall in the Desert

It’s funny, because I know I’m not the only nature photographer who travels around the country with this problem. The light is perfect, and I’m only five minutes away! Driving like an idiot a couple of weeks ago with my wife and two young children strapped-in in the backseat, I was hauling ass down the unpaved


When Wild Animals Make People a Natural Resource

A few days ago I was driving eastward across the state of Washington across the barren sagebrush desert with my family when one of my boys needed to use the restroom. We stopped just east of Ellensburg at the Ryegrass Safety Rest Area in Kittitas County, and as usual… I started poking around the rocks and sages for


A Bird is Three Things: Feathers, Flight and Song

A quick post for today, and a trio of brand new photos of some of North America’s most beautiful coastal birds. Click on any image to enlarge. A roseate spoonbill wades through a salty mangrove marsh on Sanibel Island, Florida on a late winter morning in search of the crustaceans that give its vibrant pink color.