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Death Camas –

America’s Most Poisonous Native Lily. I found four images of the really cool meadow death camas from last spring that I shot, edited and somehow never uploaded...


Reflections on Mount Rundle and Vermillion Lakes

This insanely colorful sunrise creates the perfect backlight to Mount Rundle in Banff National Park in Alberta,..


Moose Meadows and the Canadian Rockies in Winter!

If you ever feel the urge to stand between two incredible major North American mountain ranges in the Canadian...


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All my new images can be found right here in my regular blog. It's a blend of my regular nature photography blog and my local photography business blog - Leighton Photography & Imaging. As there is natural overlap in interests and content, and because many photography styles can be used in just as many different situations, I've decided to just combine them here. You can learn about how I approach my photography, a lot about wildlife photography, and why I do things the way I do. For amateur beginners to experienced working professional photographers - there is something for all! Expect the unexpected...

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This month we are featuring those exotic, rare epiphytic orchids that grow most often (but not always) deep in the darkest swamps and wetlands in the southernmost parts of North America - particularly in the Florida Everglades - of the tribe Epidendreae.

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Old world sparrows are physically similar to other seed-eating birds, such as finches, but have a vestigial dorsal outer primary feather and an extra bone in the tongue. This bone, the preglossale, helps stiffen the tongue when holding seeds. Other adaptations towards eating seeds are specialized bills and elongated and specialized alimentary canals.

Chicory - native to Europe, this strikingly beautiful blue wildflower is now found growing wild all across North America and is a very important food for livestock, and as a coffee substitute or coffee-additive. Anyone familiar with some of the wonderful coffees from the New Orleans area will be very familiar with chicory coffee, which is very similar with a somewhat nutty taste, that is made from the roasted and ground roots.

Snowshoe Hare - while these larger cousins of rabbits are well known for having white coats in winter and brown coats in the summer, individuals in Washington's Olympic National Park will retain their brown coat all throughout the winter.

Until the late 1800s, reddish egrets were hunted for their feathers, which were used to decorate ladies' hats and clothing. The entire US population of reddish egrets was nearly exterminated by hunters, and they completely disappeared from Florida. In 1918, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was passed, finally protecting reddish egrets and other birds from plumage hunters. Although their populations are still recovering, it is a slow process. There are only 1,500 to 2,000 nesting pairs of reddish egrets in the United States - and most of these are in Texas.

The specialized hairs on the claws of scorpions are so sensitive they can detect air moving at only 0.072 km/hr. This helps them find their prey on the darkest of nights.

Madrone is the most northerly broadleaf evergreen tree on the continent, growing up and down the coast from mountains near San Diego to rocky shorelines up on the Georgia Straight.

Leighton Photography & Imaging is our main photography business recently relocated to the Greater Seattle area, Washington. Nature photography is a large part of what we do, but we are by no means limited to just that. Click HERE to find out more about our company.

We started with in 2006 in Southwest Florida, which has been steadily growing over the years and is consistently one of the most popular Florida nature and wildlife websites on the internet today. This was soon followed by, which is our main business website dealing with commercial, wedding, portrait and architectural photography. Both have been a massive help in getting our work displayed and available in an easy-to-view format that was also easy for us to update regularly and quickly.

After a move to the Greater Seattle area in the summer of 2011, we immediately continued our same style of work in nature photography that we did in Florida and the Southeastern United States while studying, experiencing and writing about local ecology and environmental systems. As of January 2014 I’ve been enrolled in the Master Naturalist Program in Bellevue, WA and getting up to speed on the natural ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest - so different than in my native SW Florida. As our family-owned company continues to grow and my volume of new nature photographs continues to become more diversified, I am expanding my traveling range across all of North America - with much gratitude to the many publishers, supporters and buyers we have all over the world.

If you are or represent a gallery, publisher/publication, exhibition, event, vendor/reseller, or any other group interested in our work, please contact Rich or Galina Leighton HERE for more information.