For those who know me, have hiked with me in the outdoors, or had been to my home in the early 2000’s, they will know that I am an acute arachnophile. My love for arachnids developed as a kid growing up in my hometown of Bradenton, Florida where one could find all kinds of orbweavers, wolf spiders and black widows. Our carport was loaded with old peanut butter and jelly jars stuffed with dirt, leaves and sticks, each containing some sort of venomous critter with a neat series of tiny air holes in the metal screwtop lids. And now my first foray into the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas searching for venomous scorpions blew my mind!

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Androctonus genus and the wonderfully named “Deathstalker” scorpion. It was also here where I got a healthy appreciation of what it feels like to be stung & pinched by scorpions from around the world and get bitten by those vicious high-strung Asian tarantulas!
I found my first wild scorpions, just a couple hours east over the Cascade Mountains. Go figure.
Rich Ayrey from Arizona Scorpion World for his help and generously taking the time in correctly identifying the two scorpion species in this post. Specialists like him are extremely important for all of us!


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Rich Leighton
April 24, 2015
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