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Rugged Beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast

  • Ruby Beach at Last Light
  • Rialto Beach at Dawn
  • Snail Rock
  • Seal Rock
  • Oregon Sea Stacks in Fading Sunset
  • Oregon Sea Stacks in Golden Light
  • Surf, Sand and Water
  • Misty Late Afternoon on Crescent Beach
  • Del Norte Coast, Northern California
  • Devil's Backbone, Oregon Coast
  • Sea Lion Colony
  • Del Norte Coast, Northern California

It’s been a whole month since I last did a post, and as I just expressed in my August 2014 monthly newsletter I just sent out today (you should subscribe!) I’ve been in my typical...


Anvil & Forge

Sometimes an old photo, forgotten on a hard drive, finds its way to the light… A blacksmith’s shop complete with anvils, forge, bellows, and assorted tools. Click to enlarge           ...