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This weeks’ half-day photo shoot at Leighton Photography & Imaging with our model visiting from Las Vegas – Isabella! Click any image to find out more about portraiture by Leighton Photography & Imaging.      ...


Backyard Songbirds

  • Bushtit
  • Bushtit
  • Chestnut Backed Chickadee
  • Chestnut Backed Chickadee
  • Chestnut Backed Chickadee
  • Dark-Eyed Junco

After all these years of traveling around the country to get the best wildlife images, today I had to go no further than my back porch just south of Seattle, Washington. There is a...


How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

  • D365
  • LopezWedding-148
  • Carter-Cook-Wedding268
  • From the Birdal Photoshoot....
  • WhitefordWedding-18
  • PascalWedding-219
  • F030
  • D722
  • D576
  • WarrWedding-273
  • RoyerWedding-349
  • PascalWedding-3
  • HeegWedding-294
  • DSC_2820-Edit
  • Hanson-35
  • Leung-1
  • Leung-3
  • D576-2

Congratulations on your engagement! You probably haven’t arrived at this page if you weren’t already looking for a wedding photographer, right? The good news is – you’ve come to the right place. Many brides...